Shan A Punjab

Indian Restaurant Boston

Come and experience the rich Indian flavors in Boston

Boston is home to different restaurants that offer world-class food from around the world. Indian cuisine has always marked its presence in the world map for its rich taste, use of different spices and herbs which are defined for enhancing the flavors as well as have medicinal values.

Shan-A-Punjab is a one of a kind Indian restaurant in Boston. We offer dishes from around India which are famous among people. Every state has different flavors and each flavor has a different story. Come to our restaurant and listen to the stories of every flavor from the platter you order with us. Our experienced chefs combine traditional and modern methods of preparation while cooking the food. They still focus on traditional methods of cooking to retain the very taste of the recipe. They focus on bringing the authentic taste of the recipe to you without any influence of the locals. Every recipe shifts in change with the change of location but our focus is on authentic cuisine.

Good food requires good company. Come to our restaurant and fall in love with our ambiance. Bring along your friends and family to enjoy a chit chat over food. We promise to keep up your taste buds high and you will fall in love with Indian cuisine once again. We are also available online at Shan-A-Punjab where you can choose from our online menu and order with us while we deliver your food at your convenience.

That lunch buffet tho... Excellent service, Delicious and reasonably priced buffet, one of my fave lunch spots

ben chason-sokol

I am a frequent take-out customer of Shan-a-Punjab and I have found the food to be consistently well-prepared and just as ordered. This restaurant is a dependable source of good Indian cuisine and I am happy to endorse it.

Andrew Smith

Went there for dinner. Great food and people. First time here and sure we'll be back. Food tasted awesome!! Good dish size and affordable prices.

LucĂ­a CH


Shan A Punjab,
500 Harvard St Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 734-9000,
Open: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm