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You looking to go to an Indian restaurant near and order a tradition curry dish. We would like to share about our dishes .Our Indian restaurant is near Harvard st Brookline. Most of our dishes don’t follow a mixing of ingredients according to their weight or volume, rather by rough estimates which is an art of cooking Indian food. This makes the same dish to taste different when cooked by different chef. This eliminates the monotonicity factor from Indian food, making it very special. Our chef does not make use of readymade spice mix. Readymade spice mix might make cooking simpler, but, the systematic & organic procedure used by our Indian Restaurant prevents each unit being unique from the other. Thus, it makes chicken butter masala tastes unique. This happens in Shan a Punjab, where the chef prefers making the spice mix on their own, keeping uniqueness every time it is made.

That lunch buffet tho... Excellent service, Delicious and reasonably priced buffet, one of my fave lunch spots

ben chason-sokol

I am a frequent take-out customer of Shan-a-Punjab and I have found the food to be consistently well-prepared and just as ordered. This restaurant is a dependable source of good Indian cuisine and I am happy to endorse it.

Andrew Smith

Went there for dinner. Great food and people. First time here and sure we'll be back. Food tasted awesome!! Good dish size and affordable prices.

LucĂ­a CH


Shan A Punjab,
500 Harvard St Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 734-9000,
Open: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm