Shan A Punjab

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lets introduce you the name most famous in town, Shan a Punjab. Most of their dishes are prepared in such a manner that the nutritive value of all the ingredients are intact and are not lost because of the cooking. Shan a Punjab an Indian restaurant near Brookline gets its authentic taste and flavors because of a whole lot of spices. Our food & spices have health benefits. Pickles and salads served are unique to the region in terms of taste and ingredients yet they would be stimulating your taste buds like never before. Please order online from the Indian restaurant near you and enjoy the distinctive flavors and the amazing aroma of different Indian dishes. Our Talented Indian chefs are always experimenting and trying to come up with some amazing delicacies that would surely pamper your taste buds & mood.

Shan A Punjab

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That lunch buffet tho... Excellent service, Delicious and reasonably priced buffet, one of my fave lunch spots

ben chason-sokol

I am a frequent take-out customer of Shan-a-Punjab and I have found the food to be consistently well-prepared and just as ordered. This restaurant is a dependable source of good Indian cuisine and I am happy to endorse it.

Andrew Smith

Went there for dinner. Great food and people. First time here and sure we'll be back. Food tasted awesome!! Good dish size and affordable prices.

Lucía CH


Shan A Punjab,
500 Harvard St Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 734-9000,
Open: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm