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Are you someone who is staying in Roxbury, miles away from home and missing Indian food? If that is so then we are here to put an end to your suffering. Shan-A-Punjab is an Indian restaurant in Roxbury which has accumulated all the famous recipes from India and put them together in their menu. We offer flavors that dominates different part of India such as Lassi and naan from Punjab, Rogan Josh and mutton recipes from Kashmir, Dhokla from Gujarat, samosa, AluTikki, papri chat and other mouthwatering snack items from Delhi, Pau Bhaji from Maharashtra, delicious sweets from West Bengal, Dosa from the banks of South India, and that’s not all, we also reflect the Nawabi culture of India through the biryani of Nawabs.

India is very diverse in flavors but is popular among one and all. Our chefs who are specialist in their cuisine make a lot of effort to bring to you the perfect taste directly from India. Drop in with friends and family who have been missing Indian food. Also, Introduce your non-Indian friends with Indian cuisine and see them falling in love with Indian food. If you are someone who cherishes food from the comfort of your home then we are there to help you by home delivering your order to you. Connect to us at or drop by our restaurant at Roxbury and relax your senses with good food.

That lunch buffet tho... Excellent service, Delicious and reasonably priced buffet, one of my fave lunch spots

ben chason-sokol

I am a frequent take-out customer of Shan-a-Punjab and I have found the food to be consistently well-prepared and just as ordered. This restaurant is a dependable source of good Indian cuisine and I am happy to endorse it.

Andrew Smith

Went there for dinner. Great food and people. First time here and sure we'll be back. Food tasted awesome!! Good dish size and affordable prices.

LucĂ­a CH


Shan A Punjab,
500 Harvard St Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 734-9000,
Open: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm